A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position


 Lessen speed engine power: 80W

 Power: AC220/110V +5%/-15%V

 Length of the arm ( squared aluminum alloy or octal tube ): straight arm < = 6m, curved arm<=5m, fence arm <=4.5m

 UP/Down speed: 3.75s, 6s, 2s ( optional )

 environment temperature: -20°C~+60°C

 Remote distance: > 20m, < 100m

 Net weight of the barrier case: 56kg

 The thickness of the barrier case: 2.0mm

 Size: 340*290*1035mm

Main functions

 The manual button can operate ‘UP’, ‘DOWN’ and ‘Stop’.

 The remote control can operate ‘ UP’, ‘ DOWN’, ‘STOP’ and ‘LOCK’, ‘UNLOCK’ to the manual button.

 It can unlock automatically when the power off, it can be taken up by hand after the power failure.

 It has the self-checking mode, convenient for maintaining and adjust.

 The vehicle detector is optional, and it has the function of ‘take down the arm when vehicle pass’, ‘protection from strike vehicle’ or ‘bump barrier and take up arm automatically’.

 The red/green light is optional.

 The optoisolator long cable driver is optional, it can connect with the RS232-C of the computer, with many bottom controls and conditions return commands, to make the computer control the barrier to the best.

 It can add other functions according to the customers’ requirements

Electrical Characters

 It has the single-chip-microcomputer control for the software pitfall and hardware watchdog, never system halted.

 It uses the magnetic induction hall device to control the system, working untouched, never wear or offset.

 It uses the photo coupling, no contractor, zero passage via fill technology; there is no fire on the main board to disturb, so work steadily.

 It uses the up/down over time and protection for over hot of the engine, to protect the unusual damage for the switch.

 It uses the mechanical journey switch, to control the offline.

 It has a wide range single phase (160-260V), to apply the bad environment.

 It has optoisolated serial communications interface, the isolated power is higher than 1500V, to make sure the safety of an upper computer, to realize the high stable communication that resists the vehicle electronic spark and other interfere.

Mechanical Characters

 It uses the precision 4-links bar to make the arm start and end slowly without any impact, and the arm operates within 90 angles without any failure.

 It applies the precision fully automatic tracking balance system to make the locked rotor torque is zero at any position, so lessen the power and prolong the lifetime of the engine.

 The barrier case apply the advanced water-resist system and anti-aging spray plastics handle outside, firm and never fade.