Active RFID System – Long range Passive RFID Reader
This wireless system is a high-performance Active UHF based RFID integrated GPRS/Wi-Fi reader. This is also designed on a self-intellectual based proprietary efficient DSP algorithm. This provides a transparency for the suppliers and consumers in the Supply Chain Management system in tracking the consignment. This system can make a rapid utilize of many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control and industrial production process control system.

Features of Security access control systems – Active RFID Device
 Small size, easy to install
 Long distance identification, the strong receiving sensitivitysecurity access control systems
 Excellent anti-collision performance
 Little RF Power (No more than 1dBm, transmission power less than 2mw), which is suitable for human carry and environment-friendly
 Multiple communication interfaces also can be customized
 Self-development communication protocol and can be customized and expanded as your requirement
 Compatible with other tag protocol and improve the performance of system application
 Support GPRS/Wi-Fi and USB Communication
* Effective distance depends on an antenna, tag and environment.
Typical Applications Security access control systems
 Intelligent transportation management
 Asset identification, tracking and checking management
 Orientation, tracking and checking people in coal mine etc
 Position monitor management for baby, prisoner, older psychotic etc
 Electronic ticket, access control, time attendance, school management etc
 Hospital management, such as rubbish, equipment, medicine etc.