UHF RFID Asset/Attendance Management System is a standalone UHF RAD Time and Attendance system for IN and OUT status, It works with simple and hassle-free GPRS/Wi-Fi interface, It is Designed especially for security, proxy attendance control, and Asset Tracking, it is easy to integrate into any kind of existing applications includes static application and cloud applications.

Features Of Wireless UHF RFID Reader
UHF RFID Machine is easy to operate and user-friendly
Server Load optimization (Multiple records in one ping).
In absence of a network, it stores the Data in memory.
Optional IP / HTTP URL Communication.
Accurate data Export and USB/SMS based settings
Specifications of UHF RFID Reader
Windows/Linux/Android Compatible
Processor: ARM Cortex M3
Memory: 16 Mb Flash Memory,512KB SRAM
User: No Limit, Records Storage: 100000
UHF 860 to 960 MHZ, 10 Meters.
Ports: GPRS/Wi-Fi/RS232,USB
Optional: GPS
Multiple Tags (Up to 25)
FREE SDK/Demo Software Provided
Weight: 5 KG Grams
Dimensions: 440x440x40 mm
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Application Areas
Asset Tracking
School/College Attendance
School/College Bus Tracking
Office Employee Attendance
Inventory Management