Server-authenticated Biometric Attendance Management System (SBAMS) is a fingerprint authentication and attendance system, It works with simple and hassle-free GPRS/LAN interface; It is designed especially for security and proxy attendance control. It has been integrated with the online authentication system.



 Biometric Machine is easy to operate and user-friendly.
 It is highly secured with Password protection.  It has STQC Certified fingerprint sensor
 It securely communicates with an online server and gets the finger authenticated.
 Authenticated transaction record will be sent to any web application like Time and Attendance Management Server, HR and Payroll Management Server.
 It can be configured with USB/SMS based settings


 OS: Linux 3.16.X

 Processor: ARM9 @400MHZ

 Memory: 128MB DDR2

 Display: 128*64 Graphical LCD, 16 Keys

 Biometric: STQC Certified Sensor

 Ports: GPRS/Wi-Fi/TCP-IP, USB

 Optional Battery: Li-Ion(6Hrs),7.4V,2200 mah

 Optional: RFID/Smart Card Reader, GPS

Application Areas

 Student Attendance Management

 Employee Attendance Management

 Access Control System  HR and Payroll System

 FREE SDK/Demo Software Provided for integration with Web Applications

 It communicates over HTTP/HTTPS secure communication

 Weight: 400 Grams, Dimensions: 180x130x45

 Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty