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Portable Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth Printer helps the users to print 2-inch thermal paper through diverse interfaces such as USB, serial and Bluetooth. This rapid, reliable, robust and lightweight printer offer designers a high quality, economical, compact printing solution for printing receipts in monochrome for Mobile Receipt Printer, Marketing/Coupons, POS, kiosk, ticketing (Transportation / Order Delivery Authentication), labeling, banking, instrumentation and medical equipment. * Specifications of Portable Bluetooth printer Interface: Bluetooth 4.0, Serial USB (VCOM)Configurable Baud Rate. Printing Method: Line Thermal Printing. Paper Width: 2 inch (58mm) Paper Cutting Method: Manual/Hand Tearing Print Head Core Life: 50 Kilo Meters Print Commands: ESC Printing Support – Text – 2 English Fonts (Alphanumeric and Symbols) Optional: Regional Language, Graphics (Logo, images), Bar Code, QR Code. Built-in Font: Arial and Fixedsys. External Image storage: possible Internal Memory: Available Each Image Size: 64 KB Maximum images: 9 Battery: 7.4V, 2100 mAH On-Board battery charge management. Charger: 9V/1mp Switches for Power, Test Print, and Paper Feed. Supports Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone, PDA, Laptop, netbook etc. Andriod SDK: Available *Receipt Print Specifications of Portable or Bluetooth compatible printer Printing Speed: 60mm/Sec Resolution: 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) Dot Structure: 384 dots/line Print Life per charge – Can print up to 50 meters *Deliverables Bluetooth Thermal Unit Battery: Li-Ion (7.4V, 2100mAH) Charging Adapter – 9V/1amp 2-inch Paper Roll – 1 No USB Cable (Micro to A)..

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