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At Silicon Wireless Systems, we take pride in crafting cutting-edge hardware devices with seamless software integrations. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, sets us apart as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

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Explore our suite of professional services crafted to meet your unique needs and surpass expectations. Whether through expert consultations or customized solutions, our unwavering commitment is to deliver excellence across all aspects of our offerings..

Attendance Management System

HRMSAAS is a cloud-based HR application that helps organizations centralize their HR and employee-related data. It's a web-based cloud HR and payroll software solution for organizations that want to simplify their HR workflow..

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Parking Management System

A parking management system automates a car and bike parking system and optimizes parking space and processes. It provides real-time information such as vehicle and slot counts, available slots, reserved parking, and pay-and-park options..

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Guard Monitoring System

(GTMS) is designed for monitoring and reporting of the working of the security guard during his duty on the field as well as it helps to monitor the facilities and curb risk/damages on the field...

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School Management System

School Management System,offers a wide range of functions, encompassing everything from student enrollment, class management, and comprehensive attendance and performance tracking, all the way to financial management.

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Visitor Management System

A Visitor Management System is a software solution designed to efficiently and securely manage the entry and exit of visitors to a facility or organization.

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Products Shopping Cart

The Scart web application consists of a variety of products available for ordering. Once you place an order, we ensure prompt delivery, with our delivery office located in Hyderabad. We strive to deliver your selected products swiftly and efficiently.

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Asset Management System

An asset management system is a process a company uses to manage all of its assets across the business. These assets can be tangible or intangible. They can include personnel, buildings, software and hardware, inventory, monetary assets..

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Feedback Management System

feedback device for hospitals and hotels, toilets and different types of application we have to use customized

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Bin Track Swatch Truck

It is used municipal corporation etc.. for tracking the household swatch bin to check whether swatch trucks are collecting the garbage..

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Forest Billing System

Billing machine used to a checkpoint to collect the toll fee collection based upon the type of vehicle and type of material they are transporting..

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Railway Staff Attendance System

This system is used by railway facility staff before the start of the journey, middle of journey and end of the journey with this system railway can monitor the attendance of their staff efficiently..

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Canteen Billing System

Billing machine is used in canteens for students this system with a smartcard they used those card and get the receipt of an item amount will be deducted as per the cost of an item...

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Our Client Reviews..

Srinivas M IT Team


Nice product and more than that very nice support team from sws. Happy for being part of sws services..​

Bashetty Rakesh kumar


Best manufacturer of attendance management devices and good service provider

Vasavi Ch


Valuable products with excellent service,Nice biometric device. We are very much satisfied with the device.

About Us

Silicon Wireless Systems

We manufacture Hardware Devices with Software integration..

We are committed to bringing our clients the technical products they need to get the job done. We understand that requirements always keep on changing as technology changes, which is why we are always working towards new, better and inventive embedded system solutions. Through our diverse embedded systems expertise and service delivery experience, we provide rapid quality deliveries that reduce project costs, & risks significantly and accelerate time-to-market. The approach facilitates significant improvement in our client’s business processes and development life cycles.

Developing exciting technology with an ability to surpass expectations has remained STL’s hallmark. Our unique value proposition is characterized by rigorous project management, quality assurance, and a client-centric approach. Silicon Wireless Systems manufactures the best lineup of communication, data logging, data transmission of all the present-day technology products. Our manufacturing facility is integrated with the most advanced and sophisticated machinery and equipment. We have specific design departments, taking care of the various development activities in the best way possible. Our products have been classified as the most suitable products to meet the demands of industrial automation, mobile communication, and consumer electronics. We have 12 years of relevant experience contributing our efforts for the reputed companies in the industry. In order to independently operate ourselves, we have initiated our services through Silicon Wireless Systems since 2012. We employ the use of advanced microcontrollers and microprocessors. Wireless and wired protocols with supporting international protocols and robust system testing configurations are some of the attributes of our embedded devices. We have been offering the best device packages and kits to the clients from diverse operating scenarios.

Our Team

We are a small but dedicated team based in Hyderabad. Our team comprises three experienced directors who provide strategic guidance and leadership. Additionally, we have three skilled Software developers responsible for crafting innovative solutions and seven hardware technicians ensuring the seamless functioning of our hardware infrastructure. Together, we work cohesively to deliver high-quality products and services to our clients.

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