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Wireless Guard Tour Monitoring

Security patrol System Guard Tour Monitoring System (GTMS) is designed for monitoring and reporting of the working of the security guard during his duty on the field as well as it helps to monitor the facilities and curb risk/damages on the field. It is a very cost-effective system for Industries, Airports, Malls, Construction Sites, Housing Societies, Hospitality, High Rise Buildings, Schools and Colleges *How It Works GTMS is Guard Tour Monitoring System based on RFID technology. GTMS monitors the movement of the Guards when the Guard visits different security check posts. The Guard carries a hand-held device when on tour. On reaching a predefined security check post the device is brought in the vicinity of a tour station ID fixed indoor/outdoor, wall, or doors etc. The device records the guard’s presence with date & time stamp. The data is uploaded to Cloud/Web Server/PC Server wirelessly and instantly. *Security patrol System – Security Guard Tracking Handheld device Semi-Waterproof and Shake-resistant, Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case, durable and sturdy. No button, no need press button, it automatically reads. Sound, light and buzzer indication when reading successfully. Flash memory security, the data is safe and reliable. It is of large capacity which can store up to 100000 records; it prevents data loss or intended modifications. Uses GPRS/Wi-Fi/LAN push data to server lively. Li-Ion battery, Low power consumption, and long battery life 2100mA *Security patrol System or Guard Tour System Or Guard Patrol System Anti-destroyed & Waterproof, anti-corrode, fit for every environment It is made by finest material housing with a microchip inside containing a unique serial code which is then related to a checkpoint Not need the power supply High sensitive and long inductive distance Long lifetime: >20 years, can read >350,000 times Dimension: Diameter: 300mm, Thickness: 10mm Weight: 30g *Guard Tour System –Benefits Patrolling will prompt & on time. Helps in the proper use of manpower, accurate data, reduce cost. Frequent patrolling will make the area more secure & safe. Automatically generated reports will provide the exact scenario of a site. No need to instruct guard frequently & monitoring the same. Important department / on holiday flats will also be monitored while patrolling. Every requirement from security to simplicity Gather data in real time from remote sites Excel/PDF Reports By Date/ By Month/ By Device..

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